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10 economic terms CFD

Top 10 Economic Terms to Help you Trade

Top 10 Economic terms to help you trade Many new traders seem to have a good grasp of a few technical analysis methods. Perhaps a …

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Options Trading CFD

Options Trading Part 1 – A Quick 5 minute guide!

If you’re new to trading the markets, then you may have come across the term ‘Options Trading’ and wondered what it’s all about. If you ...
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4 Best Trading Screen Brackets General

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets [date_month_year]

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets A question we always seem to get asked by our followers and site users is – ‘Which Trading Screen Brackets ...
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How do FX brokers make money Broker

How do FX Brokers make money?

How do FX Brokers make money? Nowadays, you see marketing and advertisements for trading firms everywhere you look. The multitude of Football, Formula 1, Rugby ...
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Trading Books General

5 Best Trading Books [date_month_year]

Welcome to Trading Halo’s review of the 5 Best Trading Books of [date_month_year]! We are going to talk you through not only books that have ...
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Trading Gadgets General

6 Best Trading Gadgets [date_month_year]

6 Best Trading Gadgets [date_month_year] Trading can be super-stressful and at times, extremely time-consuming! But there are periods of down-time. Time to reflect on your ...
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Top 5 UK Stocks Stocks

Top 5 UK Stocks to trade [date_month_year]

Top 5 UK Stocks to trade in 2021! The FTSE 100 has made significant gains and recovered fairly well since the Coronavirus pandemic began. 500 ...
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What is an ETF?

What is an ETF? ETFs have gained a mass following over the past few years and only seem to become more and more popular. But ...
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