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4 Best Trading Screen Brackets

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets

A question we always seem to get asked by our followers and site users is – ‘Which Trading Screen Brackets would you recommend?’

Almost every month we’ve had this exact same question asked by our Instagram followers, Facebook friends and website users – So we thought now is the time to address it!

I’m sure you guys have seen certain pages on Facebook or images or Instagram of traders with about 20 screens all around them like the Starship Enterprise…

Don’t be fooled into thinking these guys are super successful because they have more screens than you! A lot of them wont make back the money they had to lay out for the screens in the first place!

However – Multiple screens do serve an important purpose.

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets: Why do I need multiple Monitors?

Simply, more monitors equal more room for markets insights, news, analytics, indicators and so on and so forth.

We’re not saying you need 10 screens as a lot of them would be overkill but certainly at least a couple would be a good place to start.

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets

In my early days of trading, I had a couple of screens which sufficed as the market risk the company was holding was quite small and the product offering at the time was fairly minimal.

Think a handful of Major FX pairs, Gold and Silver and a few Indices.

But as the company and therefore our risk grew, so did the number of screens I operated on (as well as the other traders on the floor)

2 quickly turned to 4. 4 Quickly turned to 6. And not long after, 6 turned into 8.

For myself, 8 is a good number as the risk we run nowadays is substantial. And the markets we need to cover is also pretty diverse.

Also don’t forget that you will have your charting software (usually multiple instances of it) as well as your trading platform (again usually multiples instances) as well as emails, relevant websites, chat apps, squawk box, news etc etc

So, in essence – The main benefit of having multiple trading screens is multi-tasking!

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets: How many screens do I need?

I would start by using a few examples from the paragraphs above – and thinking how many of these apps/processes you would actually use/perform on a daily basis.

If you only use the PC for trading and you only cover a couple of markets with one platform. Then a couple of screens might suit you nicely.

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets

Not to mention some people are limited to what they can actually fit in their rooms!

Then, if you cover a wider range of markets on a couple of different platforms, 4 screens might be the best way to go.

Or for some people you might just enjoy the look of 8 screens – in which case, go for it. If you have the room, it certainly won’t diminish your trading at all (unless you use those extra screens for youtube videos of dogs of course)

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets: What should I look for in Trading Brackets?

Here’s a few pointers on what you should be looking for when buying your trading screen brackets:

  • Make sure the bracket can hold the right number of screens. This sounds silly – But you’d be surprised about the number of times we’ve seen people trying to attach 4 screens to a 2-screen bracket.


  • Make sure the screens FIT the brackets properly. Nowadays screens come in plenty of larger sizes. The last thing you want is the screens to look so cramped they sit on top of one another and over-heat.


  • Pick whether you want free-standing or desk mounted monitor brackets. Ive always been a fan of desk mounted as everything feels a lot more secure. Free-standing can often feel like they are tipping in my opinion and may best be avoided if you have over-active pets (or a temper)


  • If you want some position choices, ensure you go for an option with adjustability. Pretty straight-forward and these details can always be found in your research.


  • Ensure the screens are VESA compliant. VESA produce a guide relating to patterns of holes that allow you to attach your monitors to these brackets easily. Again, this is something that you can usually spot nice and quickly when researching your brackets (Not essential but I know a lot of people look for this)

4 Best Trading Screen Brackets: Our Top 4 Trading Screen Brackets


1  – HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand for 13-27 inch VESA

  • Easy to assemble
  • Flexible
  • Ergonomic
  • 360 degree screen rotation
  • Screen stretch out
  • A variety of screen position options
  • Desk Mounting (2 options)


4 best trading screen brackets

2 – BONTEC Quad Four Arm Desk Mount Ergonomic LCD Computer Monitor Bracket

  • 4 screen bracket
  • Ergonomic
  • 2 Clamping Options
  • Removable VESA plates
  • Cable management via clips behind screens

4 best trading screen brackets

3 – TekBox Monitor Mounts – Multi Arm Stands

  • Triple Screen mount
  • VESA fittings
  • Different screen options. Single, Double, Triple, Quad etc
  • up to 7kg weight can be handled
  • Vertical Screen option capability

4 best trading screen brackets

4 – HUANUO Dual Monitor Stand 

  • Gas spring arm
  • VESA
  • Will perform well for at least 5 years
  • Huge amount fo testing has been done on this product
  • Ergonomic
  • Large variety of angles

4 best trading screen brackets

 Thanks for taking the time to read our article on the 4 Best Trading Screen Brackets – Good Luck and Happy Trading!


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