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Trading Books

Welcome to Trading Halo’s review of the 5 Best Trading Books of [date_month_year]!

We are going to talk you through not only books that have helped us along our trading journey in terms of education – But also books which have just been a good trading-themed, entertaining read!

5 Best Trading Books

Let’s start by looking at something that didn’t really help by way of education – but certainly made time fly on the long commute into the City.

Geraint Anderson turned his hand to writing after life as a ‘CityBoy’. His crazy, first-hand experiences as a Banker –  he brings to life in this book which at times is frankly shocking but at others (most others…) is hilarious.

But as funny as the book is – there is a real sense of wrong-doing and guilt that embeds itself into your conscience as you read chapter by chapter.

For those looking to become Traders – It may put you off – However, I think that it will probably spur more people on!


5 Best Trading Books: 1CityBoy!


Next up is something a little bit more serious. This book literally steered my trading career.  Without it – I genuinely feel like I would’ve been lost.

Its something that I would ensure I read for an hour a night – and to this day, its still something I have on my bedside table, ready to reference whenever I need to.

I call this book, The Bible… otherwise known as:

5 Best Trading Books: 2 – Foreign Exchange – A Practical Guide to the FX Markets



Next – Another entertainer. Creator of the Big short and MoneyBall (Which are both great reads in their own right)- Michael Lewis, with a book most Traders on the floors I’ve worked on have read. And a term that has become common language in the markets.

The book revolves around a bond trader on Wall Street during the ‘Glory Days’ (my terms, not Michael’s) of the 1980s.

Liars Poker, you will soon learn is a crazy game played by the bond traders in the book… we wont spoil it for you!

5 Best Trading Books: 3 – Liars Poker


Another cracker of an educational trading guide.

James Sharpe goes into fantastic detail without going overboard with the jargon that can put most people off of trading for life. And another book that has helped both Trading Halo authors in their personal trading careers a great deal.

Jam packed with facts, The Hows, The Why’s and the When’s – Its a book we hold in great esteem.


5 Best Trading Books: 4 – Foreign Exchange – The Complete Deal


Finally, a book that my co-owner of Trading Halo has assured me needs a place in this list:

5 Best Trading Books: 5 – Reminiscences of a Stock Operator


Ill be honest – I haven’t actually read this book myself! So I’m going to hand you over to Alex to give you an insight into our final book suggestion. Alex…

‘Reminiscences of a StockBroker, by Edwin Lefevre (Who was a stockbroker by trade) is a story about Jesse Livermore – A high-flying stock-broker, and the tales of his lessons in the industry.

I’m not sure I would recommend this book to people who are new to trading or have never traded before. The reason being – Theres a fair amount of trading jargon involved.

I remember reading this book first time round a fair few years ago, and there was a few terms mentioned that I had to look up myself!

I re-read this book recently and I instantly remembers how brilliant it is. Even 100 years later, the market analysis and terminology is bang on.

It really is a must read for the intermediate and seasoned traders out there. However I’d be fairly surprised if the seasoned traders haven’t picked it up already!’

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Good Luck and Happy Trading!

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