6 Best Trading Gadgets [date_month_year]

Trading Gadgets
6 Best Trading Gadgets [date_month_year]

Trading can be super-stressful and at times, extremely time-consuming!

But there are periods of down-time. Time to reflect on your performance. And markets that seem to stagnate to the point where a trade entry seems all but pointless.

It’s during these periods where a few Trading Gadgets can fill the void. Some trading gadgets can assist you while you’re trading (And we use a fair few – trust me)

In this article, I am going to take you through my list of the 6 Best Trading Gadgets for your home office or for wherever you guys do the bulk of you trading.

1 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets:Bluetooth Speaker

So What are the best gadgets for traders? Well, Everybody loves a bluetooth speaker. And with the world in its current post-corona state with plenty of people working from home or at least spending more days at home on a ‘hybrid model’ – you can get away with some background music whilst you work!

They are also a great bit of kit for a bit of relaxation/downtime in between your trading schedule or trading work day.

Or if you are a die-hard trader and finance lover – these speakers come in very handy to listen to your favourite Financial Times Podcasts, Live Bloomberg radio or even the old Radio 5, Wake up to Money show!

6 Best Trading Gadgets

And for the more professional Traders out there, these speakers can, of course, be used for your choice of Live Squawk Service.

A staple gadget for all levels of Trader in our opinion and here is our top pick for Best Trading Gadgets:Bluetooth Speaker:

2 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets: External Hard-Drive

Not an entertainment based gadget here but an incredibly useful one.

If you have plenty of EAs (Expert Advisors), Indicators, Other Trading Software, Trading Education guides, Music, Videos etc etc – Then this is the gadget for you!

We always look for a minimum of 1TB when choosing an external hard-drive but this is all down to personal preference. As time passes, the standard size increase. A few years ago we would’ve been talking 500MB.

6 Best Trading Gadgets

Fast forward a few years and 1TB was the industry standard and now it seems that the benchmark is set around the 2TB mark.

So following on from that, Here’s Trading Halo’s recommendation for an external hard-drive and its one I personally use on a daily basis:


3 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets: Amazon Echo Dot

Now many of you may already own one of these clever little devices – And if you do, you probably know how useful they can be for a variety of reasons!

I mainly use mine for checking certain facts, trading alarms (as well as morning alarms!) and music.

But these intelligent speaker devices can be used for a lot more than that when it comes to Trading/Finance.

Here are a list of my top 5 apps within the Echo Dot that will come in handy for Traders:

  1. CNBC
  2. Bloomberg
  3. Stocktrigger
  4. Motley fool
  5. Coinbase 

You will be able to get live stock quotes, Crypto prices and the latest financial news just by asking Alexa.

This will come in handy for those traders who are multi tasking (and thats all of us….right?!)

Check the latest 4th generation of the Echo Dot out here:


4 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets: Apple Macbook

This item is by far my favourite on the list of gadgets for traders – And this article has actually been typed on one.

Macbooks are (in my opinion) the best laptop on the market today. The look, the speed, the usability… just everything really!

Speed is obviously an important factor when you come to buy any laptop/PC product on the market. You don’t want to be waiting around for apps to load/buffer. This is a rarity with the Macbook.

Trading Gadgets

But Speed is often top of the desirability list for traders for obvious reasons!

Web-based and other trading apps work brilliantly with the macbook pro and macbook air models (and I have used both) and being a user of other laptop rivals (Given to me by my company) I can honestly say that they don’t even come close!

Its worth noting that MT4 Trading isn’t ideal on macbook, however, as this software wasn’t designed for IOS devices.

The app will work but its not as sophisticated on Macs compared to standard laptops. Emulator software can also be used to give you a better MT4 experience.


5 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets: Financial Calculator

Not the most exciting gadget on the last – granted, however, don’t under-estimate the power of a decent scientific calculator!

Every trader should have some form of calculator on their person, whether it be a simple, big-button calculator or even having a smart-phone based calculator ready to go.

But if you have a scientific calculator to hand, then you’ve already put yourself in a better position than many other traders.

6 Best Trading Gadgets

You will also need one of these bad-boys if you’re taking certain Industry exams. For example – The IMC. There will be plenty of formulas and calculations you will need to brush up on and one of these calculators is going to help you hugely.

In fact – Often when you apply for these exams and purchase the textbooks and online access, the exam body will send you one of these vary calculators.

Interest Rate Calculations, Standard Deviations, Time Value, NPV etc etc – All of these will be much easier with a scientific/financial calculator…. Trust me!

Here’s Trading Halo’s pick of the best calculator for Traders:

6 – 6 Best Trading Gadgets: Apple Airpod Pro’s

Th final item of our best gadgets for trading… Everybody loves an Apple product (myself included) and the Apple Airpods might just be one of the best Apple products Ive ever used.

When I used to commute to the City everyday, pre-Corona, I would put on a pair of larger, over-ear headphones with noise cancellation if I needed to remote in to my work PC and do some analysis etc.

Noise cancellation over-ear headphones are brilliant. I had the Bose Quiet-Comfort and they were the best headphones I owned… Until I bit the bullet and bought some Airpod Pro’s.
I was a tad dubious at first as I couldn’t quite see how these tiny earbuds could come anyway near the bulky, padded Bose equivalents.

6 Best Trading Gadgets

How wrong I was! These Airpod Pro’s are crazy. The noise cancellation is somehow more powerful than the Bose – And the best part – With a pinch of the lower part of the Airpod – You can turn Noise cancellation off completely whilst you play your music.

I found this feature to be especially important when I would go for a run after, or before work. Feeling much safer around traffic with the noise cancellation feature disabled.

So if you’re looking to dull some background noise so you can concentrate on your trading/analysis or you just want some time away from the screens to relax – These are definitely for you!

6 Best Trading Gadgets: A few extra Gadgets!

You’ve now seen TradingHalo’s 6 best trading gadgets and we hope that at least one of these items will help you guys going forward with your trading.

Now for some lesser items that will keep you busy, keep your mind working and keep those trading stress levels down!

Stress Ball – Taking it old school now with the stress ball! Take out the anger of you TP being missed by half a pip on these squidgy life savers!

Rubiks Cube – For me, during quiet periods in the trading schedule, a quick moment to de-stress or even just to keep your mind working – The Rubiks cube is the gadget for me!

I’ve constantly got one next to my desk and reach to grab it a couple of times a day!

My personal favourite best trading gadget – See if you can master the cube and complete it within a single minute!

Fidget Spinner – Everyones favourite fidget trading gadget, the fidget spinner! Hours of entertainment for a tiny price. Another gadget to help you guys destress during a busy trading day!

A great gadget for de-stressing, to keep your mind occupied and basically just great for a bit of light entertainment!

Fidget Gadget – The final item on our best trading gadgets list is an alternative for the stress ball and fidget spinner fans – These remote control style fidget gadgets are perfect for you guys anxiously waiting to see if your orders are going to be filled!

Thanks for taking the time to read our list of the 6 Best Trading Gadgets [date_month_year]!

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