Ultimate Guide to Day Trading [date_month_year]

What is Day Trading? Day trading refers to a style of trading that involves very short-term exposure to a financial instrument, typically less than one day. It is sometimes referred to as ‘swing trading’, as the trader is looking to benefit from sharp fluctuations or ‘swings’ in the market, in order to make a profit.… Continue reading Ultimate Guide to Day Trading [date_month_year]

Top 5 Data Releases to Trade

What are the Top 5 data releases to trade? Every week in the financial markets we see a plethora of economic data releases.  Each country releases data at different times and naturally, some releases have more of a market impact than others.  Certain countries data releases have larger market impact than others too. It’s fairly… Continue reading Top 5 Data Releases to Trade

What is Spread-Betting?

What is SpreadBetting? There are many ways you can place a trade on the financial markets and many products you can trade. You may hear your friends talking about trading Stocks and shares via an online platform (Especially with the recent reddit share trading stories we’ve been hearing recently) You may hear people talk about… Continue reading What is Spread-Betting?