Trading Books

5 Best Trading Books 2023

Welcome to Trading Halo’s review of the 5 Best Trading Books of ! We are going to talk you through not only books that have helped us along our trading journey in terms of education – But also books which have just been a good trading-themed, entertaining read! Let’s start by looking at something that …

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Trading Gadgets

6 Best Trading Gadgets 2023

6 Best Trading Gadgets Trading can be super-stressful and at times, extremely time-consuming! But there are periods of down-time. Time to reflect on your performance. And markets that seem to stagnate to the point where a trade entry seems all but pointless. It’s during these periods where a few Trading Gadgets can fill the void. …

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Day Trading

Ultimate Guide to Day Trading 2023

What is Day Trading? Day trading refers to a style of trading that involves very short-term exposure to a financial instrument, typically less than one day. It is sometimes referred to as ‘swing trading’, as the trader is looking to benefit from sharp fluctuations or ‘swings’ in the market, in order to make a profit. …

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